Patanjali Amla Rasayan 100g


Divya Amla Rasayan is based on a very ancient formula and its benefits have been proven over time. Divya Amla Rasayan brings to you the goodness of amla which is very effective in digestive disorders, cures cough and cold infections, improves eyesight and hair. Amla is rich in vitamin C. Divya Amla Rasayan is therefore very effective in treating cold infections. It is rich in fibre and improves digestion. Amla has antioxidants properties. It delays signs of ageing – tightens skin, prevents greying of hair, hair fall, etc. Amla in DivyaAmlaRasayan gives you holistic cure from a lot of ailments and weaknesses. Take Divya Amla Rasayan regularly for physical fitness and general well-being.

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