Sudanta Toothpaste – Non – Fluoride – 100% Vegetarian, 200g


Sri Sri Tattva Sudanta Toothpaste keeps your breath fresh, protects and prevents gum and tooth diseases; is effective for toothache, dental caries, bleeding gums, tooth decay and bad breath. Product introduction: A natural toothpaste suitable for your family’s daily oral hygiene. Sri Sri Tattva Sudanta Toothpaste is a 100% herbal toothpaste which contains the best natural ingredients such as Maya Phal, bakul and black pepper and finest essential oil such as that of cloves, all of which are known to cure ailments related to oral care. It helps remove plaque, prevents bad breath, cavities, bleeding gums and inflammation. It is a non abrasive, natural cleanser designed to have a soothing effect on the teeth and gums. Use Sri Sri Ayurveda Sudanta toothpaste for a holistic dental care for you and your family.
You Will Receive Total 200g Of Toothpaste Per Purchase.

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