Patanjali Swasari Ras 10g


This drug provides relief from the problems like cold, severe cough, Asthma, Broncho pneumonia, amassing of phlegm in chest etc. Dosage and method of usage: According to the necessity 1 or 2 gms, two or three times a day before meal with honey or luke warm water or with Swasari Pravahi. It can be taken after meal also. Gold and other precious metals not only enhance beauty but also give life too. The medicines prepared of mercury and its different minerals and sulfur etc. are called `ras rasayan`. Mercury is used in very small quantity even then it enhances the quality of the ingredients, with which it is mixed. Hence, the `ras rasayan` is very important in this medical branch but the refinement of mercury needs extra cautions. The preparation of its products need much labor and time and we keep special attention of it. When many injections or concentrated drugs like sulfa drugs fail and the diseases were left as incurable where as the use of ayurveda `ras rasayan` has given relief to several such patients. Ras-rasayan, prepared by Divya Pharmacy is at very cheap prices with high quality as compared to other pharmaceutical companies. The medicines are prepared according to the methods described in the ancient texts.

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