Patanjali Secerets of Indian Herbs – Plant Guide


This book published in both Hindi and English (2008) and is a very useful book, highly acclaimed and appreciated by the general public. The book contains the secrets of 500 medicinal plants along with treatment methodology for more than 700 ailments or diseases. The book provides specific description of classical medicinal uses, self-experienced uses and traditional uses of plants. The book not only benefited people with good health but also developed awareness among the common mass for the use of herb-based medicine and for the conservation of medicinal plants, for their incredible utility as medicine. On public demand, more volumes are under publication with incorporation of new plants and additional information. However, the Hindi edition of the book has been released in three volumes in February, 2014 in an International Conference and Ayurvedic Summit organized by AYUSH Dept. at Cochin. New English edition is under publication.

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